Bread and Butter Pudding, Gordon Ramsay Style wanted to make another dessert for my mother in law, who loves bread pudding. I have never even tried bread pudding so this is new for me. I love this recipe. It is not insanely sweet which is nice and the custard is great. I would adjust this recipe only because I would like it to have a bit of a spice flavor. I added some cinnamon sugar atop of my portion.

Gordon Ramsay’s Baguette and Butter Pudding Laced with Baileys


50g (1/4 c. or 1.8 oz.) butter, softened
½ large French stick (about 150g or 5.3 oz., thinly sliced)
60g (1/2c. works) sultanas (golden raisins) or dried cranberries, or a mixture of both
2 large free-range egg yolks
2 large free-range eggs
40g (1/3 c.) caster (superfine or extra fine) sugar
300ml (1 1/3 c. or 10.25 oz) double cream
300ml milk (1 1/3 c. or 10.25 oz)
4 tbsp Baileys cream liqueur, or more to taste
Demerara (raw)sugar, to sprinkle.
3 tbsp apricot jam

1. Use a large knob of the butter to grease the sides of a 1.5 litre shallow ovenproof dish. Spread the bread slices with the remaining butter. Arrange the bread in the dish in overlapping layers, sprinkling the dried fruit between.

2. Beat the egg yolks, whole eggs and sugar together in a large bowl until creamy, then beat in the cream, milk and Baileys. Slowly pour this mixture over the bread.

3. Press the bread slices down gently with your fingers so they are completely submerged.

4. Leave to stand for about 20 minutes to allow the bread to soak up the custard. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/gas mark 4.

5. Stand the dish in a roasting tin and surround with boiling water to come halfway up the sides of the dish. (A bain-marie is used to avoid overheating the custard, which otherwise might curdle.) Sprinkle with demerara sugar and bake for 40-50 minutes until golden. Shortly before this time is up, warm the apricot jam until runny.

6. Dab this glaze over the surface of the pudding and leave to stand for 15 minutes before serving. The custard will continue to cook and firm up during this time. Trickle a little more Baileys over each portion to serve if you like.


Prep time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Serves: 6

Source: Just Desserts Gordon Ramsay

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