Arrakeen Spice Coffee

I am a Dune nut. I will willingly admit that I am a Dune geek. So thus I have been looking for a Dune Cookbook. Alas, there is none to be found so far. However, there are a few good recipes on the internet regarding Dune and the universe therein.

So thus, this is my recipe for Arrakeen Spice Coffee. I will make some spice cakes to go with it.


1 tsp cinnamon or more

Sugar (optional)

Creamer (optional) Vanilla is good

Set up your coffee pot. Make the coffee as strong as you can stand. Before you brew the coffee, place cinnamon into the grounds. Brew coffee as usual. Sweeten or add cream to taste. Sip coffee. Do not chug. This coffee will have a good strong cinnamon flavor, however, take care not to add too much cinnamon because it can clog your coffee filter resulting in hot water and grounds everywhere. Cinnamon is not water soluable so keep it to 1-2 teaspoons.

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