Navajo Tacos and Nostalgia to Boot!

When we were kids, the school cafeteria was an adventure. Every single day we were presented with subpar food and meager portions of it. It was everything from lasagna to submarine sandwiches to the occasional decent meal such as grilled cheese and tomato soup. However there was always one that amazed us and made us look forward to that day. Navajo Tacos. These delicious spin on a regular taco was the day to come to school. It was a vegetarian meal that consisted of beans, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and possibly onions if you so choose but it wasn’t the toppings so much that got you going. It was the bread. Navajo tacos are made with an Indian Fry bread that surpasses any that I have tasted since. The fry bread you get at the fair every year doesn’t compete. This fry bread is dark like a nut and it is about an inch or so thick. Puffy and delicious with lots of flavor. It has been an obsession of mine to make these at home and enjoy them when I want to.
Last night I called my husband to find a decent recipe online to make the bread as we had all of the stuff to make the filling at home.
He worked dilligently and when I got home, he had his first attempt at fry bread on the cutting board for me to try. I was delighted! It was not browned enough but that is easily remedied. However the bread itself was amazing. It was just as I remember. Chewy and yet melt in your mouth. I excitedly made the rest of it that he had set out.

The result of my husbands toil was a true tribute to a wonderful childhood memory. While the memory will still remain untarnished, I now know that I can make it as well at home and can make it more grown up by adding all sorts of toppings such as guacamole, green chiles, meats etc. Thanks hubby. You are amazing.

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