Enchilada Night

So I have made this dish for more years than I can count. My father made it for us when we were kids and we always loved it. It is the easiest thing and it tastes great. It is an enchilada casserole of a sorts and can be modified in countless ways.

You take one large can of enchilada sauce unless you are lucky enough to be able to make your own. I have never learned how nor really care to because I love Macayo’s enchilada sauce. I have lived next to a canning factory that produces the stuff for my entire life. It is a small branch of the Macayo canning factory and it puts out green chiles, enchilada sauce (green and red) and other such wonderful things. Take the enchilada sauce as well as 1 large package of corn tortillas, a large bag of cheese shredded or shred it yourself. You then layer the three starting with sauce on the bottom of a baking dish. Sauce, tortilla, cheese, sauce tortilla cheese etc. You can add things like onions if you like, olives on top which I love but my husband doesn’t so I leave them out or do half the pan and not the other. You can add grilled chicken, sour cream or cream of chicken soup if you like a creamier version. You can also doctor up the sauce to make it different if you prefer. The possibilities are endless. Once you have filled your baking dish, you place it into an oven that has been preheated to 400 degrees and let it cook for about 45 minutes. It is just to heat the cheese really but if you cook it uncovered, the cheese on the top takes on a wonderful crust and is really delicious. Or you can cover it and then crust up the top in the last 15 minutes of cooking. It is an easy meal that takes well to reheating. It can be frozen and reheated later or you can make it for breakfast by cooking it back up and placing a cooked egg on the top (a favorite here near Mexico). I used to serve those a lot at the restaurants that offered Mexican food. Enchiladas with eggs….strange but delicious.

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