Savory Summer Squash and Summer Veggie Tart as well as the Squash Blossom Soup

Ok so it didn’t turn out like photo for Martha Stewart but it still turned out pretty good and the result was a delicious flakey tart that resembles somewhat of a quiche and yet somewhat of a pizza. It is really really good. It has a feta cheese topping that is finished off by a lattice work of thin zucchini strips. This holds all of the goodness in. I used other fresh herbs from the garden as I am having trouble using all of the herbs from the garden. This would also explain the abundance of squash recipes that I will innundate you with.

This recipe as well as the soup recipe above took some time. The soup was the easier but had to be done last. It was good though. The soup had a very light flavor similar to cream of broccoli without the slightly flatulent smell. It was great with thick hunks of garlic bread and a small helping of cheese in the middle of the bowl. I was impressed because normally I will make something and it doesn’t turn out the way I was expecting it to. Then as I am eating it my disappointment sets in. Not so with this meal. It was good all around. Also, I felt good because despite the cheese, it was a very healthy veggie meal. All in all I give these recipes 4 stars.

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