Philosophy of Food and all things edible

I am a huge fan of Bizarre Foods and Man vs Food. Reason being is that my father once told me that I had to try everything and if I didn’t like it I never had to eat it again. However, if I did like it, I would be turned on to a whole food experience that I would have never otherwise known. This made sense to me even as a small child. It began with artichokes. He steamed them for what seemed like an eternity (still does). He then told me to gently pull off the leaves and then dip them into the melted butter. What I experienced was no less than a miracle because at a very young age I realized the truth of his words. I would have never eated such a weird looking thing let alone anything after that. I would have been a very picky eater indeed. Now there are very few things that I will not eat. I will not eat peas unless they are in something because canned peas actually make me gag. The smell of them is….shudder never mind.

I do not like canned tuna or canned chicken because not only do they taste similar but it ruins the taste of the meat. I love tuna and chicked prepared in other ways but hardly ever canned.

I have eaten what some might consider to be strange meats such as bear, horse, venison, rabbit freshly caught, and some strange African game meat that I cannot spell but is similar to an antelope. I love trying new foods because it is from them that I become aware of not only their properties but the possibilities. I can only hope to pass this along to my kids.

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