A scoche about myself.

I am a cook. I began to cook when I was seven. My mother decided to turn that task over to me at that age and ever since then I have been cooking for my family. Now twenty years later, I am still finding the field fascinating and enthralling.

I have worked in several restaurants including 2 bakeries/donut shops and 4 restaurants as a cook. I now work as a pharmacy technician where cooking is more of a hobby than a career. I planned on going the Culinary Institute of America but there were complications with my father’s health the year that I was to go and thus I remained where I am. I have cooked for as few people as myself and as many people as a couple of hundred at a time. I love to be in the kitchen more than anything.

I have never formally trained as a cook or chef but merely worked at it as I have gone thru life. I have a bookshelf that is soley for cookbooks in my kitchen. I cannot purchase anymore because I think I would be divorced if I were to get anymore however I still feel that my collection is incomplete. I try to get international cookbooks because from there I can get an idea of what I would like to make. I have yet to get a good Chinese or British Isles cookbook such as one from England or Ireland.

I collect cookbooks because from them I glean inspiration. I love to look at cookbooks as if they were decorating magazines. I find that the recipes on the internet can be somewhat sporadic and inconsistent but still almost as invaluable. I just really prefer the look of a beautiful bookshelf full of well worn and well loved books.

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